14OCT2014 - Angels in the Fog: Currently Gaz and Mallow are going through a rough patch with their money and are focusing on digging their wway out of said rough patch. We are both working on the comic but do not feel comfortable starting to post until we reach a place where we know we'll be able to update weekly. We would not want to gather a group of fans and then sporadically post and disappointing said fans. That being said, we both feel like we're going to be reaching that point soon so we will update you again as soon as possible.

I'll Eat You Up, I Love You So
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Hidey ho, neighbor! We're The Domesticakes and welcome to our Tumblr. He's GazzyCakes and she's MallowCakes. We post a lot of pop culture stuff and stuff that make us laugh. You'll prolly also see some lovey-dovey stuff and maybe some naked things.

Gaz is 31 years old and an awesome artist. He likes Supernatural, Doctor Who, anime, comics, Lord of the Rings, Adventure Time, Tenchi... lots of other stuff!

Mallow is 29 and she is the writer of the pair. Loves to write fanfic. She loves Supernatural, Doctor Who, Buffy, Destiel, anime, comics, comics, and more comics, lots of comics, The Vampire Diaries, did I mention comics, a ton of stuff seriously, books are good. Um, yeah. Stuff.




remember when we were all excited for Sailor Moon Crystal




Cosplay Done Right

favorite NSP haikus 


i would frame this and put it on my wall



Imagine. You spend your whole life hunting down the guy that knifed your father. When you finally find him…He whips you like a dog.

How do you think that feels?


from the first “Goth Talk” SNL sketch 


Photos by Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

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what in gods name is this sorcery